Thursday, July 2nd @ The Market

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Celebrate 4th of July with juicy Apricots, Blackberries, Peaches, Tomatoes, Sweet Corn and more…

  • Apricots, Blackberries, peaches, blueberries, greens, cabbages, green onions, eggs, honey and juicy apples @ McCleaf’s Orchards.
  • Sweet Corn, tomatoes, crisp green lettuce, beets, Kholrabi, broccoli, summer squash, kale and pastured beef @ Hillside Meadow Farm.
  • Pastured chicken, pork, mustard greens, and eggs @ Green Gate Farm.
  • (GONE TO THE BEACH ‘TILL JULY 15TH) Spring flower baskets, fresh cut flowers, honey and plantings @ Plantmasters.
  • Goat cheese, Goat meat and artisan soaps @ Thistle Thicket Farm.
  • (WILL RETURN NEXT WEEK) Phil’s DIlls will return next week with great fresh tasting pickles.

Take Away @ The Market


Plan ahead and take home a delicious meal or sweet treat for yourself or entire family. Start your weekend meal planning with a fresh pie, seafood, cheese, breads and pastries. The weekend starts Thursday!


  • Simply Delicious (Pies and baked treated)
  • All Things Olive (Olive oils, specialty vinegars, salts)
  • Salt River Lobster (Fresh Seafood)
  • Pizza Brama (Wood-fired pizza) Order ahead here
  • Bonaparte Breads (French breads and pastries)
  • Le caprices de Joelle (Paella, Belgium Waffles, Quiche)



Gift Giving

Stop by award winning Beads by Bettina for the perfect pair of springtime earrings and necklaces to perk up your spring fashions. Light and lovely!

Market Sponsors

Many thanks to Meg Percesepe and Alison Shutt of Washington Fine Properties for being a market sponsor. Their sponsorship enables us to double the coupon value of WIC/FVC and Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP/S-FMNP) recipients thus enabling greater access to fresh local food for all.