Thursday’s 2 – 6:30 pm in October @ PVFM

McCleafs Apples2

What’s New
Fresh Pressed Cider
Watercolor Pet Portraits by acclaimed
artist Kristina “Kiki” Jacobsen Khan

Honey Crisp, Pluots, Bartlett & Asian Pears, Kiwi Berries, Sweet Potatoes

  • Apples, greens, squash, brussels sprouts, cabbages, green onions, eggs, honey and apple juice & cider @ McCleaf’s Orchards.
  • YellowPepperSweet Corn, tomatoes, peppers, crisp green lettuce, beets, Kholrabi, broccoli, butternut squash, kale and pastured beef & chicken @ Hillside Meadow Farm.
  • Pastured chicken, pork and eggs @ Green Gate Farm.
  • Fall flowers, mums, fresh cut flowers, honey and plantings @ Plantmasters.
  • Goat cheese, Goat meat and artisan soaps @ Thistle Thicket Farm.

Take Away @ The Market

Plan ahead and take home a delicious meal or sweet treat for yourself or entire family. Start your weekend meal planning with a fresh pie, seafood, cheese, breads and pastries. The weekend starts Thursday!

  • Simply Delicious (Pies and baked treated)
  • All Things Olive (Olive oils, specialty vinegars, salts)
  • Salt River Lobster (Fresh Seafood)
  • Pizza Brama (Wood-fired pizza) Order ahead here
  • Bonaparte Breads (French breads and pastries)
  • Le caprices de Joelle (Paella, Belgium Waffles, Quiche)
  • Fresh locally roasted coffee by Karlaca Coffee

Gift Giving

  • Stop by award winning Beads by Bettina for the perfect pair of springtime earrings and necklaces to perk up your spring fashions. Light and lovely!

Artist in Residence @ PVFM

  • Kristina “Kiki” Jacobsen Khan is a professional artist and university design instructor living in Potomac, Maryland. Trained at California College of Arts and Crafts in the Oakland, California, her main medium is watercolor and she participated in international shows in the US, Europe and the Middle East.  Recently her muses are dogs and cats, beloved pets.  Kiki has the ability to capture the spirits and souls-especially in their eyes.